Image18 Aug 2010

Аctivity in Kazakhstan Market

We inform You that ADING concluded an agreement for project work “ Highway-Taraz” which is a part of the international transit corridor ”West Europe- West China”. What matters is highway at south Kazakhstan area Taraz at 57 km length and agreement with value higher that 4 million €.
Namely, Ading will take part in design, producing, application, as well as quality control for concrete highway construction with application of Ading‘s products and admixtures (PorocinitelSuperfluid and Zastita B3 (Curing compound)). Furthermore Ading will provide cutting of work and expansion joints and their sealing.
Meanwhile project preparations are started and team is assembled for project realization. During construction around 60 persons will take part in the project of which from R.Macedonia will be engaged around 20 persons.
The contract is concluded with Kazakhstan building company K-Dorstroy and the anticipated term for completion of works is 10 months, or to the end of 2010, with breaks in winter period.